The last month is always the worst part, supposedly…

So, the election is in three weeks.  I keep telling myself to soldier on, I’ve survived two years of this crap, I can survive another three weeks, can’t I?  Don’t be wuss, Elena!  But it seems so far away…and this campaign is so incredibly boring

On the other hand, quite a few conservative pundits are jumping ship for the Obama-boat.  Impressive, guys, impressive.  You know, one of the things I’ve always loved about the conservative movement is how diverse it is – in terms of ideology, anyway.  Free trade is good – but should we be for reciprocal free-trade, or single-way treaties?  What about taxes – should we just lower it across-the-board, or lower just corporate taxes, or maybe instead of lowering taxes, just reform the tax system?  Same argument on foreign policy, welfare reform, etc, etc.  I like that about the conservative movement – I like that we can argue and still be conservative.

With that said, I’m not very happy with the people jumping ship.  Ooh, McCain – he’s not articulate or charismatic or conservative enough to be president, so let’s support Obama instead!  LAME.  How is this news, conservative punditry?   McCain’s many, many flaws as a candidate have been well known since, like, forever.  Charismatic?  Not our guy – he got where he was by outlasting everyone else, and in fact, being the majority second choice of the republican party.  Articulate – well, he’s better than Bush on that count, but his campaign is floundering like a hooked fish.  Not sure what’s going on there except the knowledge that whatever stand the campaign makes, McCain will be called a racist.  Now, personally, I don’t care, but I realize that I was born far, far after the Civil Rights movement, so being called a racist has no effect on someone like me.  McCain is probably different, being older and all.  Not conservative enough?  Well, whoop-de-doo.  Really?  So voting for Obama is any better?  I’m not really sure how that makes any sense, considering that Obama is pretty liberal…

Of course, if other conservative pundits point that out, we’re hopeless McCainiacs, which is rather annoying.  McCain wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve lined up behind the guy because I think Obama will be worse – for the economy, at least, if not foreign policy.  I guess that makes me an anti-intellectual racist far-right ideologue that likes to (wait for it!) eat children.

Well, good luck guys, that’s all I can say.  I’m not sure how endorsing the liberal candidate is conservative, but hey, it’s a free country!  Anyway, that’s my political post for today.  I guess I’ll go do some actual work – like, you know calculus.  Korean.  Harassing my history teacher.  Whoops, did I say that out loud?


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