Dorm life, part 2

My favorite thing about my new RA is how concerned she is about “women’s issues”.  When I moved back into the dorms in August, the doors had these helpful little name tags.  They were really pretty – the RA is some kind of art major, so they were essentially very pretty fashion plates.  So far, so good, right?  Everyone loves pictures of thin, faceless women in georgous clothing!  But in a lovely example of cognitive dissonance, the name tags also had helpful little feminist quotes on them, many of them castigating those who don’t understand that women aren’t clothes horses, have a special internal beauty and light, and need a man about as much as fish needs a bicycle, etc, etc.  It was a little jarring…

Now there is a display comparing McCain and Obama’s policy positions on – you guessed it! – women’s rights!  Women’s rights as in abortion, daycare, birth control… apparently, as a woman, I vote with my uterus.  It’s particularly strange considering we’re in the middle of a war and recession…

But remember – the uterus comes first!


4 Responses

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. Just as gay people are more than gay and black people are more than black, you want to be seen as more than just a woman. You are a whole person with insights into a wide range of issues.

    I don’t know how old you are. I presuming that your younger than me which means you have never had to deal with the type of heart-wrenching reproductive choices our mothers and grandmother’s had (or didn’t have). Relatively easy access to birth control is taken for granted. A frank discussion with your doctor about ALL your reproductive options is taken for granted.

    But just because those hard-fought rights are older, does not mean that they are secure. If you can’t control when or how many children you have coming from your own body, your ability to effectively plan other aspects of your life is compromised.

  2. I probably am younger than you – it seems like I’m younger than everyone these days! But I tend to think that reproductive rights are very secure these days, mostly because the the party nominally affiliated with the anti-abortion position is using a federalist platform – that is, repeal Roe vs. Wade, and let the issue be decided by the states. I don’t think the American people are going to outlaw first-trimester abortion, and I definitely don’t think the American people are going to outlaw contraceptives, so it’s very low on my “issues to worry about” scale.

  3. Elena, you are young…I remember when contraceptives didn’t exist and abortion was illegal. We could easily return to abortion being illegal. As for contraceptives, who can and cannot obtain them could become an issue.

    Those who lived through the depression never thought we would see another one in their lifetime, but here it is. And we could have the same history-bending issue with abortion. The pendulum swings wide…We must learn from history or we will repeat it.

  4. dkzody: As I stated before, I think the likelihood of contraceptives being restricted and abortion being totally outlawed about as likely as the 19th amendment being overturned. There is a pendulum, true – but this is not on the swing.

    *winces* And please, don’t compare this recession to the Great Depression. It’s not even as bad as the one in the mid 1970’s, let alone the 1930’s, and it’s an insult to pretend it is. When we hit 25% unemployment, then it’s a Great Depression, but until then, such comparisons are hyperbole.

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