Affection from the government – is it worth that much?
November 9, 2008

I should note how glad I am that I don’t live in California, and thus did not have to vote on Prop 8.  Because on one hand, I favor marriage equality – or rather, I think the government should just get out of the marriage business entirely – but on the other, I hate what is essentially legislation from the bench.  I wish the LBTG movement would stop using that tactic, because I find it super irritating.

More to the point, why do they use it?  I mean, if you want public approval of your lifestyle from a broad majority of people, shouldn’t you try to work through the legislature by persuading people it’s the right thing to do, instead of shoving it down their throat by using the courts?  It’s not a very good way of making new friends, if you know what I mean…

On the other hand, if you don’t care about public approval at all, you could just get a sympathetic preacher/rabbi to marry you and get an attorney to hash the whole thing out legally, and go around calling your significant other your wife/husband.  Of courses, taxes come into play, then.  I’m not sure how you’d handle that…

Anyway, I’m still glad I don’t live in California.