Dorm life, part 2
October 25, 2008

My favorite thing about my new RA is how concerned she is about “women’s issues”.  When I moved back into the dorms in August, the doors had these helpful little name tags.  They were really pretty – the RA is some kind of art major, so they were essentially very pretty fashion plates.  So far, so good, right?  Everyone loves pictures of thin, faceless women in georgous clothing!  But in a lovely example of cognitive dissonance, the name tags also had helpful little feminist quotes on them, many of them castigating those who don’t understand that women aren’t clothes horses, have a special internal beauty and light, and need a man about as much as fish needs a bicycle, etc, etc.  It was a little jarring…

Now there is a display comparing McCain and Obama’s policy positions on – you guessed it! – women’s rights!  Women’s rights as in abortion, daycare, birth control… apparently, as a woman, I vote with my uterus.  It’s particularly strange considering we’re in the middle of a war and recession…

But remember – the uterus comes first!


Dorm Life, part one
October 18, 2008

You know the best thing about living in college dorms?  At 2:30 in the morning, crazy drunk chicks will wake you up by running up and down the hall, tearing things off people’s doors and throwing it on the floor.  Classy move, guys, classy move.

And yeah, I know, drunk people do stupid things – but it was their choice to get drunk.  Some self-control, girls?  It might be helpful.

Now, back to my desperately needed sleep.