Veteran’s Day 2008
November 12, 2008

So, it’s Veteran’s day, formerly known as Armistice Day, when the Great War ended ninety years ago.  I’ve not much to say – I’ve actually spent the whole day at classes, or studying for a managerial accounting exam – but I don’t think most of my classmates know the significance of the date (except for the ROTC guys, that is).  Which is normal, actually, since the average student wouldn’t notice a holiday unless it had immediate relevance to their religion or the school gave us a day off.

So this is not a totally lame post commemorating the day, here is a column I’m always liked about the subject by Mark Steyn – I especially appreciate it because I was one of those teenagers who did wear a uniform all through high school, and would have gladly worn it through college and after, too; here is a round-up of useful military charity links – seriously think about donating; this is one of my favorite books on the American contribution to WWI.