November 7, 2008

So the election is over, and the Republican party starts it’s implosion right on schedule.  The McCain campaign aides are trashing Palin like there’s a book deal on the horizon, the libertarians are blaming the social conservatives for this loss, and the social conservatives are staring at the libertarians and saying things like “what the hell is wrong with you?!”.  It’s sort of funny, but mostly horrifying.  Seriously, do we really need a replay of Lord of the Flies right now?

My basic instinct at this point is to think we missed a bullet with McCain’s loss.  His campaign fell apart the day after the election and immediately began talking to the rags – if he can’t control them, he wouldn’t have been very good in the Oval Office.  Let’s move on.

As for the vicious infighting among the conservative base… the social conservatives don’t deserve the blame for the GOP collapse.  No, they aren’t always right, and my sympathy for their positions only goes so far to letting the issue(s) (like abortion) they care about devolve to the state governments, but they are not the reason we lost.

We lost because we were hypocrites.  The libertarians are right – we didn’t cut spending, or stop corruption, or limit government, and we deserved to lose for that.  I supported divided government in 2006 – although I couldn’t vote because I was still a minor – because I believed the Republican party needed to be punished.  Now I’ve had to suffer through two years of a Democratically controlled congress, I’ve changed my mind – but it’s going to take more than than to change everyone else’s mind.

But I’m hopeful that total loss will lead to rejuvenation.  Bitchy, santimonious “big L” Libertarians aside  (I’m so disappointed with Reason this year), the rest of the grassroots seem to be regrouping and analyzing what went wrong and what we could do right – which is all theoretical until Obama takes power and starts governing in January.  But once that happens, I expect things to go easier…

Also, concentrate on local politics.  I know I will, even though I live in Texas.  This may be a conservative state, but it could always be a bit cleaner and more transparent and all, right?

By the way, for those of you who thought that with Barack Obama’s victory, comics would begin making fun of him – uh, that’s not going to happen.  Know why?  He’s the president.  Also, Joe Biden is off-limits, because he’s the Vice-president.  Sarah Palin is still fair-game, though, according to the obnoxious host of Chelsea Lately and my roommate.  I asked my roommate if she thought Dick Cheney and George Bush hadn’t been funny over the last eight years, and she said, “No.”  To which I replied, “You obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last couple of years.”

Yes, my roommate is very obnoxious.  The sin of watching Chelsea Lately, and thus forcing me to watch is as well, is only one reason she is such.  Also, this proves (by the totally scientific method of relating an anecdote) that liberals (or maybe just young liberals?) have no sense of humor.