My name is Zombie-girl. Please, let me eat your brains.
January 1, 2009

So, I’ve been pretty much dead for the last two months, mostly because I’m one of those college students who actually have to study a lot to get good grades.  Trust me, as I spent my non-class time studying multivariable calculus, I cursed those students hanging out at the pool, all of  whom were either geniuses or education majors.  Alas for me, I’m too smart to be an ed. major, but too dumb for everything else, so I’m trapped.

And then after that, I went on a family vacation to Disney World, which was a level of “crowded” above any previous level of crowded I’ve seen before.  Considering I lived in Seoul for four years, that means it’s really really crowded.   So, I saw Magic Kingdom, saw Epcot, went to Universal Orlando, and for the final flourish, we went to GatorLand!  which was awesome, by the way.  Disney’s primary strength  is in animatronics and really nice sets.  Univeral has cooler rides.  Gatorland takes the cake, just because it has GATORS!

Yeah, that was cool.  Lean mean snapping machines.  Prehistoric amazingness.  They were pretty active even though it was winter, so they must be even nastier in the summer.

Anyway, I got a pretty nasty cold at Disney World, so all I’m doing now is sleeping and reading.  So, look for some book reviews in the future – a lot of history books on the list, which are always interesting.

And have a happy new year!